At the CO Project Farm food is the binding agent that helps us create incredible experiences. We are a fully functioning biological farm with advanced citrus and fruit trees along with a thriving vegetable garden. We buy all locally sourced produce and make much of our own products. Everything is cooked with local olive oil and all the wine is from the incredible abundant of local wineries. We are a vegetarian facility and only purchase local dairy. For us food is the central metaphor and active ingredient for creating thriving communities, regenerating the body and fueling the mind! 



  • We eat Local, organic, fresh vegetables, grown with love and eaten with joy
  • We cater only vegetable-centric, ethical food that is nourishing the body and mind 
  • We share and collaborate in preparing and eating all meals 
  • We make it fun, playful and regenerating! 
  • We eat together and take the time to enjoy the colours and delights of fresh farm-picked food



To help us create incredible collaborative food experiences we have designed the CO Project Farm's food facilities around sharing and experimenting. The heart of our farm is the outdoor BBQ / pizza oven area with the 4m long mabel share table overlooking the vegetable garden and orchard. We have several kitchens on the farm as well!


sunday session farm lunch open days

One Sunday a month during spring/summer we host a big Sunday lunch for anyone who wants to join! We do farm tours and share our growing knowledge and experiences with biological design and sustainability. Click here to find out when our next open day Sunday lunch is.