All the CO Project Farm experiences are designed for individuals wanting to gain a unique perspective shift on sustainability and discover practical life skills: from zero waste cooking through to sustainable regeneration. We offer one, three and five day experiences to learn practical skills, experience the farm, recharge your creativity, get some relaxation time in nature and discover more about natural systems, sustainability and creativity. Through our unique ecotourism and nature-based experiences, our Brain Spa offers something for everyone in this beautiful corner of Portugal.


1-day farm and food workshop experience

you are invited for a full-day farm experience with hands-on learning in sustainable living, healthy food cooking and small-scale organic farming.

co project farm experiences

Have a out-of-city experience with us in our weekly full-day action-packed farm experience:

  • Arrive on the farm and be greeted by your host who will take you on a tour of the various approaches to small-scale organic farming, from agriculture to syntropic food forests.

  • Collect farm fresh ingredients to then transform them into a beautiful healthy vegetable-centric food experience to be enjoyed on our outdoor terrace overlooking the farm.

  • Learn about zero waste lifestyles by making your own products that you get to take home at the end of a fun and nourishing day!

  • Content is tailored to the groups learning desires and can cover things like fermentation, pickling, preserves, DIY natural body products (like soaps and toothpastes), vegan cheese making and other fascinating everyday practices that help you adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

3-day creative RECHARGE weekend getaway

Enjoy a 3-day farm weekend retreat with a flexible Self-directed agenda including the chance to learn about sustainable living, healthy food preparation and time to work or relax.

Take your mind off of things, get your nature time in and expand your skills in our relaxed weekend getaway:

  • Arrive on Friday morning for a farm market shopping trip and tour. Or come in the afternoon to enjoy an aperitif on the terrace upon arrival.

  • Take a farm tour to discover all the different modes of small-scale organic agriculture and meet our delightful animal family (they love to cuddle).

  • Pick farm fresh food to learn how to prepare delicious, healthy, organic meals and zero adopt waste kitchen principles.

  • Take time to lie in a hammock, read a book, swim in the river, write a novel or have a great conversation over a glass of wine.

  • This is a relaxed format tailored to learning and regenerative experiences.

co project farm experiences

5-day creativity BOOSTING bootcamp

a powerfully fun 5-day bootcamp DESIGNED to boost your NEURONS and recharge your creativity in a beautiful natural setting

co project farm experiences
  • The 5-day program is a full farm immersion with daily workshops designed to activate the brains and find the sweet spot between challenge and reward.

  • It’s perfect for guests looking to recharge their own creative practice or learn some new techniques for sustainable living and systems change.

  • We have a rotating program of content including syntropic farming, vegan cheese making, soap and body care product making, and of course, nature swimming and relaxation.

  • Typical days will include morning farm learning experiences with optional afternoon design challenges around food prep, making things and participating in nature.


ON THE last Sunday of the month we host an open day for the local community

  • We welcome the local community to join us on the farm on the last Sunday of each month.

  • Open days start at 11am and include hands-on cooking and food experience, along with organic farm information tour.

  • Tours are hosted only in Portuguese.

  • Everyone welcome and attendance is by donation.

co project farm community open days


Work with us to create the perfect hands-on Farm Experience for your next off-site or retreat

co project farm experiences
  • Work together with our team of expert experience designers to create a custom 3-day experience that’s perfect for your next company off-site or retreat.

  • Our skilled practitioners can facilitate workshops and hands-on learning experiences related to contemporary sustainable living, systems design, organic agriculture and more.

  • We also welcome you to facilitate your own workshops - as long as the topics are inline with the farm’s mission.

  • Reach out to us for more info and to begin building your custom experience.