Our Commitment to Sustainable Living and Zero Waste on the Farm


We are committed to becoming a zero waste and post disposable facility. We are constantly learning and evolving, discovering new things, and finding ways to transform what we have discovered into experiences for others to enjoy. Here are the initiatives we currently have in place:

  • Working with local partners to purchase biological dry goods in bulk

  • Producing as much as possible on the farm with a closed loop design

  • Finding new uses for any waste materials that end up on the farm

  • Purchasing only products with recyclable packaging or finding second uses for un-recyclable products

  • Only using reusable bags when shopping

  • Bulk purchasing or hand making all our cleaning and body care products for use on the farm

  • Asking guests to be very mindful of what they bring and use on the property and providing the essential products they will need

  • Making our own care and food products, such as soaps and preserves ,with farm abundance that is packed into recycled containers

  • Creating partnerships with local organic farms for zero waste food supplies

  • Preserving, pickling, canning, fermenting, and making things form excess farm produce

  • Extreme composting and organic waste recovery