Tomar Local Accommodation


We want to have a positive impact on the local community that we are helping to revive, so we encourage you to consider staying at one of the local accommodation options instead of the CO Project Farm before or after your stay with us.

The list below is a general list of local accommodation providers, with our top recommendations based on price, convenience to get to the farm, and comfort.


Comfort: Thomar Boutique Hotel

Private Apartment: Artfully designed apt for 2 - Tomar


Close to the farm you have the village town of Serra and the river side area o Villa Nova. Both have some accommodation options that are within walking (30 mins) or a short car drive to the farm. We have not visited these providers!

Villa Nova Hostel 25 mins walk to the farm

Paraíso Azul Also by the river, around 30 minutes walk

Casa do Alqueidãozinho in a town around 15 minutes walk to the farm

Vacation home Casa de Paredinha on the road to the farm around 10 minutes walk

Casa da Mata on the road to the farm around 15 minutes walk

Vacation home Casa de Paredinha

Casa do Pinheiro


Tomar is 20 minutes drive from the CO Project Farm. If you were to stay in Tomar, you could take a taxi or drive. There is also a bus in the morning and evening, but it’s less reliable than the other options! We have not stayed in any of these places, so can’t vouch for them.

Hotel dos Templários

Hostel 2300 Thomar

Thomar Boutique Hotel

Residencial Avenida Hostel

Hotel Bonjardim

Residencial Luz

Pensão Residencial Luanda

Residencial União - Guest House

Hotel Kamanga

Artistic Guesthouse

Quarto de Casal em Hotel