Sustainable Travel Tips

Go Slow and Stay Local

Our top 7 tips for being an ethical and sustainable traveler

tips for sustainable travel

1. Stay local, not global

Find local ethical accommodation. Or more precisely, accommodation (like Airb’n’bs) that is owned and run by local people, not companies who have bought up all the available apartments and are now renting them for a profit at the expense of local people having affordable places to live. Avoid big hotel chains, or at least preference the ones that have environmental practices.

2. Distribute your economic activity

If you are going to spend $100 on food, find ways to be disruptive and spread it out so that more local providers, be it small restaurants or farmers markets, get to access and benefit from some of your tourist dollars.

3. Travel slow

Take trains, ride bikes where you can. Avoid taking ride share app trips when you can take the local public transport or walk instead.

4. Choose experiences over stuff

Local walking tours, incredible wine tours - these are all great ways to support local companies and industries, whilst not buying a bunch of stuff.

5. Do your research

Find out what are genuinely local companies so that you can be more considered in what you are economically contributing to.

6. Go post disposable

Take your own water bottle, coffee cup, cutlery and food containers so that you don’t end up getting mounds of disposable stuff as you go about on your trip.

7. Check the label

If you are wanting to purchase souvenirs check to make sure that the products are actually made locally and not overseas and imported back in for touristic pleasures! Seek out local and handmade, like finding a local artisan markets or stores that showcase local and ethical products.