Sustainable Restoration: Converting the Old Olive Mill


At the entrance to the CO Project farm is a beautiful old stone olive oil mill (“lagar”) that has been left to ruin for many years. But this beautiful 400sqm roofless mill has so much more to offer. Some 40 or 50 years ago it was decommissioned, and now it stands with strong bones that are much in need of love.

Our goal is to convert it into an example of incredible sustainable design and eco-tourism. We are currently working on the restoration plans to revitalize and rebuild this gem into a unique accommodation and collaborative retreat space.

We have already beautifully restored the farmhouses, but in 2020 we want to start on the old olive mill building so it can be connected back to this beautiful space, with a completely new purpose in life: to be a brain spa! The mixed use facility will be designed for learning, collaborating, and activating creative change.

Since taking on the project just over two years ago, we have been busy working with a team of expert local craftspeople and builders to lovingly restore and renovate the old farmhouses into a variety of different accommodation and creative spaces for use in Phase 1 of our ambitious project to create a cultural destination for creative changemakers.