1 x night rental of the full guesthouse for up to 10 people

1 x night rental of the full guesthouse for up to 10 people


Rent the entire guesthouse for up to 10 people!

Top 4 rooms with 5 beds + bunkhouse 4 double bunk beds (max 10 people can stay). Includes full and excursive use of the bunkhouse kitchen/lounge area. Access to all outdoor areas (excluded from this type of booking is the classroom, bar, main kitchen and kitchen lab)


  • To secure the guesthouse for private use the base fee is 500€ even if you have less than 10 people. 

  • Check-in time on day of booking 2pm 

  • Check-out time 11am 

  • Breakfast is provided between 8-10am

  • If you would like to start early or finish late, then it's a half day extra booking fee of 250€  to cover the inability to book the night before. If they want your team to arrive the night before then it's the full 500€ for the extra night to reserve the space for you 

  • There is always a CO Project Farm team member on the property for safety and support. 

  • Extra spaces (such as the Kombucha Bar, the classroom, kitchen lab) are provided for an extra fee due to set up and cleaning costs. 

  • To secure your dates a booking must be paid in full upfront and a legal waiver signed by the booking party and SEF documentation provided

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