host your next team building workshop or off site AT OUR CO project FARM 



The CO Project is all about collaboration, creativity, connection, change, community, challenges, circularity, opportunity, optimism, and all the other C and O words that help to articulate positive change. 

We are imbuing this project with creative optimism, and building collaborative opportunities to share our emerging rural campus with you and your team. If you are into systems change, sustainability, regeneration, design led change and all forms of creative change-making, then the CO Campus in Central Portugal is the place for you to connect, recharge, un-learn and build positive change.

We invite you and your team to join us on this emerging experimental journey into rural restoration, organic farming and creative change. You can apply to host your next program at the farm in 2019, such as:  

  • Rural studio projects for design schools and academic institutes wanting a unqiue immersive learning experience 
  • Corporate retreats in systems change and circular economy and all the UnSchool content 
  • Creativity or off-site regeneration camps for startups and small social enterprises 

Custom Build Organizational Workshops


Do you want to strengthen or build new internal capacities around systems change, sustainable design and innovation? How can you design your products so that are regenerative and fit within the changing economy? Do you want to provide a purpose-filled work environment for your team? Are you a pioneer organization willing to be at the forefront of the circular design movement, or just starring out on your journey towards sustainability?

Our programs are ready to run, rapidly fill knowledge gaps, activate teams and get you to the next level in your sustainability and creative journey. 

Visit the Disrupt Design site to learn more about commissioning a custom workshop or project for your organization.


Retreats, rural design studios, creative getaways and off sites, we can design a beautiful, highly immersive learning experiences for your start up, community group, team or university program. 


What Our Facility has to Offer

We are excited to open up opportunities for small-group retreats and workshops on the CO farm campus this Summer 2018.

Small groups retreats and creative residency programs enable you to have an incredibly beautiful experience in nature, while enjoying the well-thought out experience of our emerging Brain Spa facility.

We are now taking applications for on-site private programs. Our team will work with you to curate an amazing rustic immersive learning experience around sustainability, systems change and creative interventions for a positive planet in our living laboratory. Our small group programs involve us working directly with you to curate a beautiful learning and regeneration experience. We can accommodate specialized programs, such as creative camping or more adventurous activities. 

Reach out to let us know what you need!


Brain Spa Retreats


  • We can comfortably accommodate 8 people with individual and twin rooms. 
  • We have a 4 bedroom restored 100+ year old farm house which sleeps 5 people (more with couples or shared beds). The configuration is 1 x master bedroom with queen bed, 1 x double bedroom, 1 x single bedroom and 1 x twin or queen bedroom. 
  • x3 on-farm double bed triangle sleeping pods (these are placed in the olive grove so you can sleep in the orchard!). 
  • We can arrange glamping style tents upon request.  
  • You can arrange your own tents on the farm.
  • There are many local airbnb accommodation options which we are happy to help you with. 

Food Experience 

  • We have a beautiful big outdoor eating and cooking area which includes an outdoor kitchen, a hand built pizza oven and Portuguese BBQ. There is a long communal table that accommodates 25 people.
  • Our classroom is in a converted grain storeroom with an amazing pitched roof and attached sundeck (perfect for morning yoga or afternoon wine). The classroom has a projector, ample power points for working, and easily accommodates 25 people as a workshop space, or 8 table work room. 
  • We have on-site vegetarian food prep who can provide you with healthy organic and vibrant meals so that you can focus on your experience (you're also welcome to cook some of your own meals if you wish!).
  • We have a thriving summer vegetable garden for cooking fresh vegetarian food (our facility is 100% vegetarian).
  • We source all of our food from the local region and offer seasional, vegtable-centric and organic food. 

Experience and Learning

  • Gardening, farm work and experiencing natural systems at play
  • Permiculture and organic food production design 
  • Sustainable regeneration and restoration 
  • Systems thinking and sustainability in action 
  • Dynamic UnSchool workshop sessions
  • We work with a diversity of budgets and can accommodate different levels of experience design, so reach out and we will get back to you with a concept and quote


  • We are 5 minutes from a beautiful Zêzere River, a fresh water swimming delight with a river beach for natural swimming and picnicking 
  • We have an onsite natural outdoor swimming pool for summer afternoon refreshing dips
  • Tomar is full of rich cultural history with the 600 year old convent and castle along with winding old streets and cute cafes and restaurants
  • We can arrange wine tasting, farm visits, olive oil production tours and many other culturally rich experiences in our local area  
  • The beach is a 45 minute drive from the farm 
  • Friday morning trips to the fantastic local farmers market for fresh produce, cheese and wine 
  • We have farm animals and an olive and citrus grove to explore


  • The farm is 1 hour 20 mins drive from Lisbon airport and 2 hours from Porto airport
  • The train from Lisbon to Tomar is 2 hours and 3.5 hours from Porto
  • We can work to accommodate multiple levels of on-site accessibility if you need wheelchair access
  • Please reach out so we can work with you on accessibility needs  



COnnect with us about hosting a program at our Co Campus for creative optimists

Inspiration for your Program

At our beautiful rural facility, we also have all the wonders of a working farm such as cute animals, 150 olive and citrus trees, and a flourishing vegetable garden. We are a vegetarian facility and provide beautiful home cooked healthy locally sourced vegetable-centric meals. There is lots to do on the farm from looking after the animals to pruning trees and helping to build more of the permaculture and food forest gardens.

We can arrange educative experiences around all of these things, learning sustainability and systems thinking in our thriving living laboratory. We have an extensive UnSchool curriculum that we tailor to your learning needs or can simply provide the space for your own curated experince. 


Program and Experience Design

The UnSchool is renowned for its immersive, cerebrally activating experiences designed to build creative capacity, confidence and transfer knowldge in quick and fun ways. 

  • Design and creativity challenges
  • Local wine makers tours 
  • River trips and nature walking 
  • Systems Thinking, Disruptive Design and Sustainability workshop sessions 
  • Sustainable agriculture and local knowledge sessions