Kombucha Tasting and Making Workshop

Kombucha Tasting and Making Workshop

from 25.00

Learn all about the history of fermentation and how to create health drinks at home!

MIN PEOPLE: 2 people


LOCATION: In the CO Project Farm Kombucha Bar (The Adega)


We will organize a full tasting of several different delicious fermented tea drinks known as Kombuchas that we make here on the farm. Through this you will discover the rich history of fermented foods from wine to cheese to coffee! We also share our experiences with making vinegars and other fermented foods from the farm. Gain an understanding of the different microbial activities that preserved foods go through and then discover how to make these at home with our hands-on workshop!


Lots of knowledge of fermentation and the processes involved in farming with microbes. You will gain an appreciation for the flavors and health benefits of these ancient traditions, but with our contemporary approach. You will bottle, flavor and second ferment kombucha and then learn how to make the new batch. There is also the option for a take home starter if you are local. 

COST:  25€ per person, min of 2 people to run the experience 

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